With its highly specialized business units, the Reifenhäuser Group is the leading provider of innovative technologies and components for plastic extrusion. Founded in 1911, the company supplies high-tech solutions worldwide, among which we highlight:


Lines of blown film from 3 to 12 layers for applications in the container and packaging, industrial as for agricultural uses. Read more

Blown film lines focused on special applications, among which the processing of biodegradable materials stands out and after the acquisition of PLAMEX, Water quenching extrusion lines with spectacular degrees of brightness and transparency. Read more

The world's largest manufacturer of spindles, cylinders with its own technology as well as complete extruders complemented with technical advice to design the extruder that best suits your needs regardless of the application for which it will be used. Read more




Tell us what products you want to manufacture or what markets you want to enter and we will configure the appropriate installation so that from the first moment it is competitive in it and can also be flexible enough to manufacture several products in the same line. ¡Contact us!

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