The worldwide biggest manufacturer of extrusion blow film lines. Reifenhäuser Blown Film is the result of the merger in 2009 between Reifenhäuser GmbH and Kiefel Extrusion GmbH, based in Troisdorf and Worms, both specialists extensive experienced in this field.

The division Reifenhäuser Blown Film is part of the Holding REIFENHÄUSER, managed by the family and conforming exclusively to blow film extruders. Reifenhäuser is a leader with more than 7000 installed lines and has the biggest R&D center in the market. Thanks to this merger Reifenhäuser Blown Film is able to offer the widest range in extrusion technology. These includes extruders (mostly manufactured by REILOY, another division of this holding which is also represented by MKP in Sppain), heads, cooling equipment (single and double ring, Reverse, ECP, etc…), guided and collection systems, as well as a wide range of winders. All this allows us to adapt ourselves perfectly to our client’s quality and productivity requirements for absolutely every application. A key distinguishing feature from our competition is the fact that all system components are manufactured in house, something fundamental in the philosophy of Reifenhäuser.

Reifenhäuser Kiefel’s product range goes from one layer extruders up to nine layers for different products like HDPE o LDPE or complex ones as LD/LLDPE/mLLDPE/PP/EVA/PET/PA/EVOH etc., as well as the extrusion of biodegradable materials.

Reifenhäuser Kiefel Extrusion’s product range:

  • Extruders from 40 to 120mm of diameter.
  • Blow heads from one up to nine layers
  • Die diameters from 80 to 600mm and from 100 up to 2200mm in three layer heads.
  • All kinds of cooling rings, conventional and high performance as the ULTRA COOL.
  • All possibilities of measuring and controlling the film thickness.
  • Oscillating runs of KIRION from 1000 to 4300mm.
  • Winders of 1000mm to 4300mm for basic and more sophisticated necessaries.
  • MDO´s for on and off line applications.

As well as a whole host of additional equipment to adapt ourselves to the needs of the blown film market.

The final applications are quite varied as:

  • Film for lamination
  • Film for food packaging with barrier effect up to nine layers
  • Industrial packaging film as stretch, shrink, stretch hood, etc…
  • Films for the production of bags, holsters or similar items
  • Film of larger dimensions for agricultural applications like quilts, greenhouses, geomembranes or bulk liners
  • Agristrech silage stretch film for agricultural packaging bales of grass

Let us know what products you would like to produce or in what markets you would like to enter and we can configure the needed installation to make sure that you are competitive from the first moment and that you are flexible to manufacture different products in the same line. Contact us!

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