• Multilayer Film
    Multilayer Film

    Machinery for the manufacture of multilayer films up to 9 layers with barrier effect for the food industry and for adequate food storage.

  • Shrink effect film
    Shrink effect film

    Machines for the production of shrink film with a high tear resistance for the packing of bottle packs, cans, cartons, etc.

  • Agristretch film
    Agristretch film

    Machines for agristretch film for straw silage bales in the agricultural sector with high productivity and high performance.

  •  Protection film
    Protection film

    Machinery for the production of surface protection film such as LCD screens, aluminum profiles, lacquered metal etc. to meet the high demands of today’s market.

Reifenhäuser Kiefel News, June 2012

News about new developments and in turn improve our products specialized in film extrusion. It includes information about new cutting blades which have a special coating on its surface and positioning through a central setting. This effective solution for cutting surely will be of higher use.

Reifenhäuser Kiefel News, December 2009

Refenhäuser Kiefel Extrusion informs about discontinuation of Möller remotes PS 306, PS3, PS4-101. We hope it is of your interest!

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