• Consumer Packaging
    Consumer Packaging

    Blow molding machines for the production of packaging for cleaning, cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical products.

  • Industrial Packaging
    Industrial Packaging

    Blow molding machines for the production of industrial packaging like stackable jerry cans, barrels, IBC, gas or water tanks.

  • Automotive

    Blow molding machines for the production of fuel tanks, molded rear spoilers, bumper coatings and a large amount of 3D tubes.

  • Specialities

    Blow molding machines for the production of special products and new developments.

Manufacturer of blow molding machines and without any doubt a leader in this sector with more than 50 years of existence with 5500 installed machines worldwide. Kautex Maschinenbau GmbH brings the technology and Know-how from companies like Battenfeld Fischer Müller (Willi Müller), SIG and Krupp Kautex together and stands out for its innovative character of being a pioneer in many technological developments in this sector and for setting the standard of future developments.

The Kautex machines cover the production of small packaging of a few milliliters up to 30 liters of volume and large vessels of up to 10.000 liters. This technology consists in blowing a “tube” of PE, PP and other plastic materials of one or more layers in a mold with the possibility of multiple cavities in one or more stations. This technology can be adapted to the most demanding packaging presentation requirements in the hygiene or cosmetic sector, as well as in the industrial or toy sector.

A prominent place is also occupied by the automotive industry in which it has proven to be a very competitive technology in the replacement of traditional metal components by others of plastic origin and with more appropriate properties. Nowadays, blow molding is used to manufacture parts such as the petrol tank, water tank, the different engine pipes with a perfect adaptation to their geometry, rear-view mirrors, etc.

The product range is very wide, from the KCC to the KBB series for containers, to the IBC (large container tanks up to 1,250 litres) and to the sophisticated 3D models for parts in the automotive industry. Kautex has hydraulic machines as well as 100% electric machines that are entering the packaging market with great success thanks to significantly improved energy efficiency and the disappearance of oil linked to hydraulic equipment.

Kautex and extrusion blow molding is a very flexible industry capable of manufacturing a very wide and flexible range of products, especially those not covered by injection molding machines. Its experienced engineering department is at your disposal to jointly develop new applications and/or designs. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.   

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