• Multilayer Film
    Multilayer Film

    Machinery for the manufacture of multilayer films up to 9 layers with barrier effect for the food industry and for adequate food storage.

  • Shrink effect film
    Shrink effect film

    Machines for the production of shrink film with a high tear resistance for the packing of bottle packs, cans, cartons, etc.

  • Agristretch film
    Agristretch film

    Machines for agristretch film for straw silage bales in the agricultural sector with high productivity and high performance.

  •  Protection film
    Protection film

    Machinery for the production of surface protection film such as LCD screens, aluminum profiles, lacquered metal etc. to meet the high demands of today’s market.


One of the world's largest manufacturers of blown film lines, the result of a merger in 2009 between Reifenhäuser GmbH and Kiefel Extrusion GmbH based in Troisdorf and Worms, both specialists in this field and with many years of experience in the industry.

The Reifenhäuser Blown Film Division is part of the REIFENHÄUSER Holding, which is run by the family of the same name. It is known for its exclusive dedication to blown film extrusion machines, in which it is the world market leader with more than 7000 lines installed and has the largest Research and Development centre in the world market.

It offers the widest range of technology for blown film extrusion, both in extruders (manufactured mainly by another division of the Holding called Reiloy/Extrusion System), heads, cooling equipment (single ring, high lift, Reverse, ECP, etc.), guiding and haul-off systems, as well as a wide range of winders in addition to the stretching technology to improve the flatness of the film ULTRA STRETCH and MDO ULTRASTRETCH with stretching ratios of up to 1000%.

All this allows us to adapt perfectly to the customer's requirements in terms of both quality and productivity for absolutely all types of applications. Another aspect that stands out and differentiates us from our competitors is the fact that all the components of the system are manufactured in-house, which is fundamental to Reifenhäuser's philosophy.

Its product range goes from the single-layer extruder to 12-layer machines for products as diverse as HDPE or LDPE film or complexes formed by LD/LLDPE/mLLDPE/PP/EVA/PET/PA/EVOH, etc.

The range covered by Reifenhäuser Blown Film goes from:

  • Extruders from 40 to 120mm of diameter
  • Die heads from 3 up to 12 layers
  • Die diameters from 80 to 600mm and from 100 up to 2500mm in seven layer die heads
  • All kinds of cooling rings, conventional and high performance as the ULTRA COOL
  • All possibilities of measuring and controlling the film thickness
  • Oscillating haul-off from 1000 to 4300mm
  • Winders from 1000 mm to 4300 mm of useful width that cover from the most basic needs to the most sophisticated ones
  • ULTRAFLAT flattening systems to improve the flatness of the film. The latest quality standard in blown film that improves ostensibly its further processing.
  • ULTRASTRETCH - MDO`s for in-line and off-line applications with interesting applications to improve the recyclability of packaging films

As well as a lot of additional equipment to adapt to the market needs in blown film.

The final applications are as varied as:

  • Laminating films
  • Food packaging films with barrier effect in up to 12 layers
  • Industrial packaging films such as stretch, shrink and stretch hoods, etc.
  • Films for the manufacture of bags, sleeves or similar
  • Large dimension films for agricultural applications such as mulching, greenhouses, or geomembranes and bulk liners
  • Agricultural stretch film silage agristretch for grass bale packaging

Tell us which products you want to manufacture or which markets you want to enter and we will set up the right installation for you so that you can be competitive from the start and also be flexible enough to manufacture several products on the same line. Contact us!

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