Reiloy is part of the Reifenhäuser group integrated within Extrusion Systems and therefore offers not only screws and barrels but also complete extrusion equipment, i.e. with drive, converters, heating bands and if necessary screen changers. This is a very interesting alternative to equipping older lines (also from other manufacturers) with modern extrusion equipment that is much more efficient both in terms of productivity and energy.

Reiloy develops and produces its own alloys, which allows an optimal quality control, from the raw material itself to the final products in order to guarantee an optimal protection against abrasion, adhesion and corrosion.


Reiloy's product portfolio includes:

  • Screws: Screws with excellent wear resistance, not only increase the life of your machines, but also improve the quality of your products. Reiloy produces all types of screws for extrusion and injection moulding: 3-zone screws, multiple-thread screws, barrier screws, degassing screws or twin screws for complex applications.
  • Barrels: Bimetallic barrels with alloys properly manufactured by Reiloy, offer optimal protection against wear and corrosion in production. Due to the manufacturing in induction furnaces for centrifugation with integrated process control, the blank barrels are distortion-free, even in lengths of more than ten meters.
  • Twin barrels: The advantage of twin barrels with bimetallic alloy is that the wear protection is applied exactly where it is needed most: high-quality wear protection in areas of the barrel that are used most and more economical protection in areas of lower use. This results in higher productivity and lower maintenance costs.
  • Complete extruders: From 40 to 200 mm diameter fully equipped to be integrated in existing/old lines obtaining spectacular results both in energy efficiency and in production increase.

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