Ultra System is a leading Swiss company in cleaning and purging solutions for all sectors of plastic, thanks to the efficiency and fast action of its products, specific to each type of process and thermoplastic. All products are not abrasive and have their proper certifications which recognize them as safe for machinery, operator and final consumer, as well as those of compatibility with all types of hot runners.

What are Ultra Plast products?

Ultra Plast is a portfolio of products conceived and continuously improved by the scientific team of Ultra System according to the needs of the plastic industry in each specific sector.
The different types of purging compounds on the market can be divided into 5 generations, each one with advantages and disadvantages. Over time, significant improvements have been made from one generation to the next developing from simple plastics to specific high-tech materials.
The Ultra Plast standard products belong to the 4th generation and are known for their excellent price-performance ratio.  The latest development of Ultra System, the “CS” range with Qualipurge® Technology, has initiated the 5th generation of purging compounds. The new formulation offers maximum efficiency for new types of thermoplastics and masterbatch and for very dirty machines. The Ultra Plast range also includes a liquid cleaner for dilution with virgin resin – a universal concentrate at economical prices very efficient for colour changes, large machines and machines with worn-out screws.

How do they work?

A certain quantity -determined by the machine dimensional parameters- of the adequate Ultra Plast product -depending on processing temperatures and type of production material- will be loaded and extruded by the head/nozzle. The chemical agents start acting at the processing temperature of the previous production and soften colour, incrustation, black specks and also rust. In the case of injection moulding machines, the product can be injected into the mould, as if it was virgin material, in order to clean the hot runners.
The products do not require soaking time or subsequent cycles. After the injection of all the Ultra Plast product and after a couple of injections with virgin material the ideal result starts to appear before our eyes. Used frequently, it will preserve the machinery from steel oxidation and maintain the metal clean. The purging times, costs of wasted materials and loss of production time will be greatly reduced.

Ultra Plast can be recycled and mixed with virgin material at a maximum of 10%. However, as the composition of the purged material depends on what the purging compound will find on the screw, so we suggest to use the recycled purging compound in second choice or for black colour parts.

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