Allstein GmbH is formed by a group of professionals led by its CEO Gordon Whitelaw, mainly from the former Fischer & Krecke who continue to focus on excellence in flexographic printing. With design and production in Herford, Germany, the company offers the best flexographic printing equipment available in today's market, aimed at meeting printing requirements with the highest demands.

It stands out among other things for having been able to practically eliminate the “bouncing” or rebound effect thanks to a new HYDRO technology of pressurized oil bath bearings and an extraordinary robust construction. Very interesting and important for productivity purposes is the remarkable reduction in the times of change of format, especially considering that the orders are increasingly shorter and require frequent daily changes.

ALLSTEIN covers a niche market in central drum printers that will allow you to be more competitive, more efficient, print faster and reduce costs. It also has a very interesting range of paper bag manufacturing lines inherited from the old Fischer & Krecke with high performance.

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