Leading manufacturer of machinery for the production of all types of plastic bags, based in Niederkassel-Mondorf (Germany). More than 60 years of existence and about 6000 machines installed worldwide with full satisfaction of its customers. In Spain we have installed close to 300 machines, some of them operational for more than 25 years.

Lemo machines stand out for their high productivity and high quality finished product, without having to dispense with the flexibility the market demands. Their range of machines goes from:

  • Boutique bags (loops or patch tape)
  • Automatic packing bags (toast bread or diapers)
  • Trash bags with or without auto-closing
  • Courier bags
  • T-Shirt or bottom weld bags
  • All kinds of auxiliary equipment such as automatic packaging systems for finished products, automatic packing robots, longitudinal welding equipment, etc.

Lately Lemo has been promoting the manufacture of "custom-made" machines for bags developed or designed by our customers and for which it has a special engineering department. Involve us in your projects and together we can turn them into a feasible reality from an industrial point of view. Contact us!

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