Italian group, with worldwide presence, great experience and reputation in peripheral equipment for extrusion and specialist in adapting to the particular needs of the customer. This equipment is very suitable to get the most out of extrusion lines, regardless of the manufacturer, with which the desired performance or quality is not being obtained.

For this purpose, we carry out an exhaustive study of the extruder to be updated, informing you of the potential it may have in terms of both production and quality increase.


With extruder of the latest generation, Syncro has proved to be extremely reliable obtaining excellent results. Syncro staff is able to advise you on how to make the most of your installed production capacity and, as far as possible, lower your production costs to increase your competitiveness. In their manufacturing program they stand out:

  • Automatic feeding systems for pellets
  • Batch-type gravimetric equipment and continuous dosing
  • Optical measurement also for barrier materials and thickness control in Blown Film Lines or Cast Lines for PP or PET
  • High performance cooling rings
  • Calibration baskets
  • Complete flattening bands with all types of rollers
  • Complete automation of the extruder

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